AIMEE detection device is a high-sensitivity portable medical device for reading a single-chip detection signal. AIMEE detection device can be repeatedly used with various detection chips. It works wirelessly (using Bluetooth technology) and is equipped with a high-capacity rechargeable battery.
The measurement results are displayed on your smartphone (the app is freely available on Google Play for Android devices and AppStore for iOS devices). The application is intuitive and takes you simply through the whole measurement process. The results of the measurement can be analysed in detail in the application, created a complete report in PDF format (printable) as well as transferred the measured data using the QR code to another device (for example to your doctor´s).
The application also provides a simple biomarker evaluation (low, medium and high risk) including short descriptions of measured results. Using data from the chip, age and gender of the patient, it is possible with this technology to determine very quickly and accurately the biomarker values that can very much disclose the health and physical state of the patient without the need of invasive sampling (a drop instead of a full tube) and a long duration of analysis (minutes instead of days).
AIMEE is primarily designed to detect biomarkers from blood and urine, although from technical point, AIMME is capable of detecting biomarkers in all body fluids. After taking a small sample of blood, a specific biomarker response occurs on the detection chip.